How to predict the demand for your customer-facing
services in April 2021

On-demand webinar

COVID-19 has created residents who are newly financially vulnerable and who will be looking to you for help in the near future. But who are these people, and what action can you take now to stop them falling into crisis? And, critically, how will your support services need to adapt?

Listen back to learn:

  • What the best and worst case scenarios may be for councils in 2021
  • How flexible modelling of the future can help you understand the impacts on your caseload
  • What the likely impact will be on employment, arrears, and homelessness, and what that means for your organisation
  • What actions Luton Council are taking now to protect residents in the future

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The LIFT platform has been an absolute gold mine of data. If we identify anyone who is potentially struggling, we can check through the LIFT platform and put them through to the prevention team. LIFT helps us to maximise some of our existing support.
Clive JonesHead of Revenues and Benefits, Luton Council
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