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Two money advisors at Rooftop Housing Group have secured an incredible increase in income of £2.8 million for 1,100 customers. The team used its social media channels to engage and encourage people to get a benefits MOT from them, and used Policy in Practice’s Better Off Calculator to help people in the right way. 

The challenge

In 2020, Rooftop Housing saw a huge increase people claiming benefits for the first time and existing claimants needing further support due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Money advisors Beverley Hiden and Naomi Inman knew that people were still underclaiming and perhaps didn’t realise they could get Universal Credit, help with their council tax and other benefits.

They found that because they weren’t able to offer as much face to face support, customers needed to complete forms, make online applications and deal with telephone calls with just remote guidance and support from Rooftop Housing. Many people who had to deal with the benefits system for the first time seemed reluctant to access advice services.

The solution

As Rooftop Housing advisers were unable to see customers in-person to support them with claims, they wanted to provide the tools to empower them to find out what they could claim and how to do it. They purchased the Better Off Calculator from Policy in Practice to support both customers and staff.

The Benefit and Budgeting Calculator is easy to use, and the results are given in a clear format. The links that guide customers on how to claim are very useful. The grants and charities section is a brilliant addition too.

Beverley Hiden, Money Advisor, Rooftop Housing Group

The impact

So far, Rooftop Housing Group has secured an incredible increase in income of £2.8 million for 1,100 customers. 

The housing provider appreciates the value of being able to offer highly accurate and up to date information on benefits, benefit changes, and other financial initiatives provided in response to the pandemic. They have only had the calculator on their website for a few month, but already staff have been using it to support and guide customers. Customers can also access it themselves if they prefer.

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