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Haringey Council used data analytics to pinpoint individual households who could be over £7,500 a year better off

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Haringey Council turned data insights into action to boost carer’s financial resilience

Data analytics using the LIFT Dashboard from Policy in Practice allows Haringey Council to identify vulnerable residents, target relevant support and track changes in living standards. The corporate board identified that people, culture and processes can be a barrier to the wider use of data. We were challenged by Zina Etheridge, Chief Executive, Haringey Council, to turn insight into action. LIFT helped Haringey Council to improve the financial resilience of carers, and to the council by tackling both the data challenge, and the people, processes and culture challenge that Haringey and many other councils face. The financial return to was over £560,000 to residents, and over £162,000 to the council. The direct financial benefit to each household helped by the campaign was almost £37,000 in total, or £7,534 per year for five years.

Haringey’s two challenges: data and cultural barriers

Haringey Council wants to make better use of the data it holds on residents, to deliver more effective services while delivering savings. Policy in Practice helps councils to unlock the value held in their administrative data. We were asked to turn data insights from analytics into action by Haringey Council.

The Borough’s plan identified a need to boost the financial resilience of carers. Together with the insight team, we identified a time-limited data-led campaign to support carers, drawing a clear line of sight between insight and impact.

Financially resilient carers were likely to be able to continue caring for longer, reducing the future demand for care packages.

  • Data insights identified carers missing out on big financial support
  • We helped Haringey overcome barriers to proactive interventions

Three month window to address vulnerability

Policy in Practice identified a targeted cohort of residents, specifically mixed-age pensioner couples, who could claim pension credit before losing eligibility in the next three months. The potential returns supported investment in direct outbound contact via a targeted and time-limited take-up campaign.

The deadline to claim Pension Credit as a mixed-age couple was three months away. Households that missed the deadline of 13 August 2019 would claim Universal Credit, considerably less generous than Pension Credit.

The test and learn campaign identified barriers to turning insight into action.

  • This type of campaign was new so it was challenging to mobilise resources in the time available
  • There was no culture of proactive outreach and horizon scanning
  • Information governance sign off was essential to the proposed
    campaign, and needed quickly

However, the benefit to residents was too great to miss. We supported the BI team to overcome challenges, yielding substantial results and invaluable lessons.

Data analytics pinpointed households who could be £7,500 a year better off

Policy in Practice identified 236 mixed age couples in Haringey, including 34 carers, all potentially eligible for pension credit. Contact details were held for 233, of whom 45 responded directly to the council. 15 people took up pension credit as a result of the campaign.

The ambitious timescales gave the data and insight team at Haringey the impetus to drive change through the carers services. With the support of the Head of Adult Social Care and Policy in Practice, they overcame information governance concerns, identified staff and trained them to contact residents proactively.

Cashable benefits to the council are based on successful claims where a carer is identified in the household. Savings are based on preventing a 2 year residential or nursing care package in approximately 15 years time. Three couples with a carer successfully claimed, resulting in inflation adjusted savings to the council of £161,815.

Further £29 million identified for Haringey residents

The benefits to Haringey residents are significant, with economic benefits of £560,000, or on a per couple basis, £7,534 per year for five years (until their partner reached pension age). This is based solely on the residents that made a verified claim within three months of the project starting, all of the analysis on realised benefits is available through LIFT.

Due to the success of this campaign, Haringey Council is investing in further proactive data driven interventions using LIFT. Nearly 2,500 households are identified as potentially eligible for pension credit but not claiming which may mean an extra £20 million in income, or £8,379 per household, per year. A similar take-up rate to this campaign would increase incomes by £1.18m per year and one-off fiscal savings worth £1.67m. The lessons from the mixed-age couple campaign will be applied to new campaigns.

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