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How housing providers can boost the income of tenants One in three households have lost income because of Covid-19 and over 7 million UK adults are behind on their household bills. The drop in the nation’s financial resilience, together with the end of the eviction ban, means that housing providers are braced for higher demand for support.

Yet we know that over £10 billion of benefits are unclaimed by working-age households each year.

In this webinar we will showcase the work of two housing providers who have each secured millions of pounds worth of increases in income for their tenants, boosting their financial resilience and improving their quality of life.

Join this webinar to learn:
- Which benefits were most underclaimed by tenants
- How the housing providers engaged with tenants
- How the housing providers secured the increased income for tenants
23/6/202110:30 BST1.3 hours
Back to normal: coping when Covid-19 welfare support is withdrawn In response to the devastating impact that Covid-19 has had on the economy the government invested significant resources in supporting people whose income has been affected by the pandemic.

As we turn the corner on tackling the virus so we're starting to see the end of the protections that were put in place. The furlough scheme is set to end on 30 September, as is the support for self-employed people, and other protections have either already ended or are set to end soon.

Yet the future for jobs and job seekers is far from certain. In this webinar we will explore the protections that are ending and the role that data can play to help local authorities identify vulnerability in advance, target support and track change.

Join this webinar to learn:

- Which Covid-19 protections are ending, and when, and what this means for low-income households
- What the end of the eviction ban may mean for people facing problem debt
- How data can help local authorities to model demand for services in an uncertain future
21/7/202110:30 BST1.3 hours

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