Distribute your support as effectively as
possible to help reduce poverty

We help councils model different options for council tax support
schemes, based on their local priorities.

Policy in Practice’s detailed and powerful analysis pointed us in the right direction and has been the main driver of the changes we’ve made to our Council Tax Reduction scheme, and the levels of support we’ve been able to build into it.
Clive JonesLuton Borough Council

Understand the impacts of changes to your Council Tax Support Scheme


See how changes you’re considering will affect your scheme costs, arrears and enforcement. Understand the likely impact on vulnerable groups

Our CTRS modelling is stand alone but is more detailed when done alongside a Policy Impact Analysis.

Download a white paper

We explain in detail how Universal Credit affects the council tax support that households receive, outline typical winners and advise who may need support. Learn why, in the face of Universal Credit rollout, doing nothing is your most radical option.

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