This International Women’s Day we celebrate the strong female representation in all areas of Policy in Practice

Watch our interviews with Zoe Charlesworth, Janet Harkin, Jade Alsop, Louise Murphy, Sarah Lambert, Megan Mclean and Fabiana Macor to hear about their careers so far, and how they would encourage other women into this field

To celebrate International Women’s Day read analysis by our female policy and data experts

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Budgeting support: Best practice ways to help low-income households Over one fifth of UK households have less than £100 in savings to cushion themselves against economic shocks. With Christmas gone, frontline organisations anticipate more money-related enquiries from people in need as they seek support with their household finances.

In our first webinar of 2022 we talk to advisors to hear what budgeting challenges households have, and what support they give to their customers.

Join this webinar to learn:
- Personal debt in the UK: the size and nature of the problem
- How organisations from different sectors help people to grow their financial strength
- What supporting role technology can play
26/1/202210:30 GMT1.5 hours
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