Living standards index for London

A data led investigation into the causes and
consequences of poverty in London

Supported by Trust for London Policy in Practice is tracking changing living standards for almost one million Londoners in half a million households. By combining anonymised household level data sets from councils across London we can see how income, employment and poverty is changing, on a monthly basis.

About the project

Data can tell us what impact national and local policies are having on low income households and help us design better interventions.

The project shows what can be revealed when local authorities collaborate with their data. Tracking households over time tells policymakers what support is effective. The evidence base we’ve built is now a powerful tool, capable of influencing central government. Our approach is proven and deserves wider application to other areas.

We believe that administrative data is so influential it can drive the future of social policy. Some councils taking part in this project are showing how. They’re using insights from their data to identify struggling families early and targeting support, to avoid crisis.

To find out more or get involved please email or call 0330 088 9242.

Project findings

Headline findings

  • Outer London boroughs are more heavily impacted by welfare reforms
  • An effective measure of living standards should take needs into account
  • Tracking employment patterns show disability is the greatest barrier
  • The benefit cap disproportionally affects temporary accommodation

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