How local authorities can prepare for the end of the eviction ban

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Renters have been protected by a ban on evictions during the pandemic but this security is coming to an end putting many at risk of homelessness.

An estimated 1 in 3 households have lost income because of coronavirus and over 7 million UK adults are behind on their household bills. The drop in the nation’s financial resilience, together with the looming end of the eviction ban, means that local authorities are braced for a surge in homelessness applications.

In this webinar Policy in Practice, together with Beam, explores how the pandemic has affected people’s pockets and what this means for people’s housing security. We look at the best practices of leading local authorities who are tackling homelessness and identify effective solutions for others to adopt.

Listen back to hear:

  • How the pandemic has affected household’s financial resilience and common paths into homelessness
  • How local authorities are using data to prevent homelessness
  • Best practice solutions for supporting people who become homeless

With guest speaker Claire Tugwell from Greenwich Council.

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It's everyone's fundamental right to have a safe place to be.
Claire Tugwell, Greenwich Council
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