How to identify and support Just About Managing households using data

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The government wants to make life easier for the ‘squeezed middle’ or people who are just about managing. Despite most being in work, they are struggling to meet their cost of living.

We know that one in five adults have less than £100 in savings, one in ten have no savings at all and more than a quarter have less than £500. Many families are one broken appliance away from slipping into debt.

Local authorities want to help families who are struggling now to avoid a crisis down the line yet they have little or no visibility over people who are not already claiming benefits. Now though, analysis of other datasets can be used to get a clearer picture of families who are just about managing.

Listen back to learn about
  • The cost of living crisis
  • What Folkestone and Hythe District Council is doing to support its residents
    – Using data the council already holds
    – Using third party datasets (Just About Managing families)
  • The role data can play in targeting support

With guest speaker Jane Worrell, Revenues and Benefits Senior Specialist, Folkestone and Hythe District Council

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Deven Ghelani
There is still an important role for targeted support to just about managing households. For example, single people and couples without children are the most likely to be in cash shortfall.
Deven Ghelani,CEo and Founder, Policy in Practice
Jane worrell
Having additional insight into who might be struggling, we can tailor the message in the recovery notice. We get a better outcome for the individual and a better outcome for the council.
Jane Worrell,Revenues and Benefits Senior Specialist, Folkestone and Hythe District Council
Using Experian data targets the whole local authority population at postcode level, not just low income households identified in LIFT. It opens up a range of indicators such as whether there are language barriers in a household, education levels, etc. This can be used to inform employment support campaigns.
Terrin Mathew,Technical Data Analyst, Policy in Practice
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