Universal Benefit Calculator

The Universal Benefit Calculator covers the current system, as well as Universal Credit, and can compare the two systems side-by-side. It provides a better off in work calculation and includes additional features, such as Free School Meals and costs of work.

Universal Benefit and Budgeting calculator-Additional features of the Universal Benefit Calculator:

  • Always accurate: Updated automatically to take into account the latest regulations
  • Helpful: Print, email, or save calculations for future use and retrieval.
  • Action-oriented: Agreed actions are saved within the system, advisors can ensure that they are acted upon.
  • Data-driven: Track usage and download management information. Data is stored anonymously and securely.
  • Optimised for mobile:  Useable on a computer, tablet or smartphone – online or offline.
  • Licensed for commercial use: The free version of the calculator is not licensed for commercial use.

Watch a demonstration of the Universal Benefit Calculator below: