Our team combines deep policy insight with practical frontline experience, and specific expertise in welfare policy.

We show local organisations what the true impact of welfare reforms is using a scientific approach to data visualisation.

With your household level data sets and our software we create rich insights to show how individual households in your area are affected by cumulative and aggregate welfare reforms, now and in the future.

This means you can objectively support tough decisions, allocate scarce support budgets, explain the real picture to Cabinet Members and stakeholders, and plan how to mitigate negative impacts on individual households.

Welfare Reform Impact Analysis

Learn the aggregate and cumulative impact of welfare reforms on individual households, now and in the future.

  • Know which households are affected, and by how much
  • See the effect of in-work conditionality and the minimum income floor
  • Understand residents’ barriers to work, including disability, caring and parenting responsibilities
  • View the cumulative impact of 12 welfare reforms
  • Get aggregate analysis showing impact by household type, tenure and employment status

Council Tax Reduction Scheme Modelling

Model different options for council tax support schemes, based on your budget and local priorities.

  • Understand the cost / impacts of your current CTRS scheme
  • Understand the cost / impacts of your current CTRS scheme uprated to the following year
  • Understand the cost / impacts of other CTRS schemes you’re considering

Our CTRS modelling is stand alone but is more detailed when done alongside a Welfare Reform Impact Analysis.