We show local organisations what the true impact of welfare reforms is using data visualisation techniques

With your household level data sets and our software we create rich insights to show how individual households in your area are affected by cumulative and aggregate welfare reforms, now and in the future.

This means you can objectively support tough decisions, allocate scarce support budgets, explain the real picture to Cabinet MembersĀ and stakeholders, andĀ plan how to mitigate negative impacts on individual households.

Low Income Family Tracker (LIFT)

We help organisations see how individual households are impacted by each change in policy, and all changes combined, both now and in the future.

Our Low Income Family Tracker combines local authority data with our powerful modelling engine to help you to proactively get the right support to the right people at the right time.

Choose a one off impact assessment, or access self service analytics that allow you to see trends, track the impact of interventions and reach people in danger of crisis.

Council Tax Reduction Scheme Modelling

Local priorities differ and local council support schemes must too.

We help councils model different council tax support options, taking into account uprating and future changes in policy. Our experience of working with over forty local authorities, and modelling the impact of scheme options on each household, can help to inform your ideas and to ultimately develop policy that best meets local needs.

This service is stand alone but is more detailed when done together alongside our Policy Impact Analysis.