The Guinness Partnership Policy in Practice Case Study
The Benefit and Budgeting Calculator has changed the way we work completely across different teams. We have over 100 staff using it and there now tends to be only one conversation with our customers so it's made it easier for them and it's speeded up processes in a way that we didn't really think would happen.
Nadine BurnsThe Guinness Partnership

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Guinness’ Destination 2018 plan brought the organisation together in a consistent and coherent way. The strategy fundamentally redesigned the way Guinness was organised and the systems used, and it was in this context that the Benefit and Budgeting Calculator was adopted. With improved communication,  departments now work better and smarter together to ensure customers are more financially resilient.

Marie Hardeman discusses how creating a more consistent approach across three core service areas has helped The Guinness Partnership better support their 140,000 tenants in preparation for Universal Credit.

Key benefits for Guinness
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The Guinness Partnership Policy in Practice Case Study
“The Benefit and Budgeting Calculator has been fundamental in preparing our customers for Universal Credit.”
Marie HardemanThe Guinness Partnership

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