Grow the financial resilience
of people you help

Without needing to be an expert in the welfare system yourself

We believe that, with the right support, most people can find work and build a career. We chose to work with Policy in Practice because their unparalleled expertise in simplifying the welfare system, as well as their software, allows us to deliver innovative services to jobseekers across the entire Southern region.
Marise MackiePluss

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Learn how some of our clients have used the BetterOff Calculator to maximise income, reduce homelessness and prepare their clients for Universal Credit and other welfare reforms.

Over 4,000 pieces of legislation

Our calculator models over 4,000 pieces of legislation across four government departments to show how one individual is affected. Automatically updated on an ongoing basis and tested to be accurate across over one million real cases, Policy in Practice’s BetterOff Calculator was built by people who understand the welfare benefit system and shaped by organisations who use it.

Our BetterOff Calculator for advisors gives:

  • Full coverage and explanations of national and local benefits
  • A modelling function to enable you to compare changes of circumstances
  • A full budgeting suite to help claimants see where savings can be made
  • Comprehensive management information and audit tools    
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