Help people on their financial journey to Universal Credit

On-demand webinar

Local organisations delivering frontline support are fine tuning action plans to help prepare people, during the continuing roll out of full service Universal Credit. Local authorities and housing associations can learn from peers who have already moved onto Universal Credit full service. Understanding the operational challenges faced during the transition period, and the strategies employed to deal with them, could make all the difference to a successful roll out.

In this webinar our guest speakers, Andrew Jones from Solihull Community Housing and Molly Dunne from Your Homes Newcastle, talk about how they are supporting people on their financial journeys, and how Policy in Practice’s Better Off Calculator helps.

Listen back to hear:

  • What practical support you can give to people as they move to monthly income under Universal Credit
  • How you can help people maximise their income and reduce their costs
  • How you can help frontline advisors provide action orientated advice and explain complex changes simply

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