Future proof your Council Tax Reduction Scheme
for Universal Credit

On-demand webinar

As Universal Credit is implemented, it’s crunch time for local authorities. Now is the time to make bold changes to council tax support schemes so the most vulnerable people are protected from poverty, whatever Universal Credit means for them. Yet knowing who those people are is a huge challenge.

We have worked with 22 councils to model options for Council Tax Reduction Schemes, taking into account the impact of Universal Credit on households. These detailed, evidence based assessments are used by officers and members to make informed policy decisions, as well as hold consultations with stakeholders.

Listen back to hear:

  • how to model the impact of Universal Credit in your CTR scheme
  • what common scheme options other councils consider
  • how local priorities can be supported within budget
  • why it’s important to change your CTR scheme in the lead up to Universal Credit roll out

Our guest speakers are Paul Howarth from the Welfare Reform Club, Ian Jones from London Borough of Hackney and Zoe Charlesworth from Policy in Practice.

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