Trust-for-London-low-income-Londoners-projectLocal authorities have a statutory responsibility to support the most vulnerable people. With the lower benefit cap in place and more welfare reforms coming, homelessness applications and demand for temporary accommodation
are set to rise.

We need to better understand the drivers of poverty in London. And we need your help.

About the project

Policy in Practice has been awarded a policy research grant by Trust for London to analyse the impact of welfare reform on households across London.

Using councils’ anonymised data sets we will identify the main drivers of poverty in the capital.

Our household level approach lets us track income, employment and poverty for half a million low income households over time.

Over 18 months we will assess how low income households are impacted by national and local policies, and whether support reaches those who need it most.

For more details email or call 0330 088 9242.

Who has signed up (so far)

Low Income Londoners and Welfare Reform graphic showing which London councils have signed up to this Policy in Practice project supported by Trust for London

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Project deliverables

We will:

  • Identify the most deprived neighbourhoods in London to learn which factors, eg. demography, geography, housing, local economy, are the biggest drivers of poverty
  • Track changes in circumstances for households affected by the lower benefit cap to see how well the policy achieves its stated aims
  • Understand the cumulative impact of welfare reforms on households to see if interventions are allocated according to need, and how successful measures are in preventing households from needing temporary accommodation

Include your households

Each London Borough has unique challenges and opportunities. We want to show exactly what is possible with household level data. To do this, we need your help. And your data.

Following our existing trusted process we’re merging data sets on individual housing benefit and council tax support claims to show the main drivers of poverty in the capital.

Data privacy and security is critical to us, as reflected in our data sharing agreement. Prior to receiving the data, you will remove any personally identifiable information. The analysis is conducted in anonymised way and at the aggregate level.

Get involved

Join our Steering Group to:

  • Provide input based on your direct experience
  • Influence strategic decisions
  • Meet with other stakeholders at key stages

Steering group members may also include Greater London Authority and Mayor of London officials.

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