Policy in Practice believes change happens on the frontline.

We bridge the gap between policy development and its implementation.


Our software tools are fast, simple, and easy to use.

We communicate information using clear visual charts, and focus on outcomes rather than process. Our Universal Benefit Calculator helps people to understand their benefit entitlements and shows them that they are tangibly better off in work.

"Advisors using the calculator were 3 times as effective at getting people into work"

Justine Roberts, Lewisham Council



Our team combines deep policy insight with practical frontline experience.

We have a specific expertise in welfare policy and anti-poverty strategies. We apply this to support our clients to tackle diverse problems and allow them to implement policy cost-effectively and according to the original policy intent.

“Policy in Practice were a pleasure to work with and we would definitely work with them in the future”

Lucy Capron, Children's Society


Universal Credit: Towards an effective poverty reduction strategy

This comprehensive review of Universal Credit finds that Universal Credit will help to reduce poverty through more money in people’s ’pockets’ and improved ’prospects’ upon entering work. The report recommends short, medium and long term reforms to Universal Credit to make the policy truly transformative. It was written by Deven Ghelani and Lisa Stidle and supported by the JRF.

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Benefit Cap White Paper

Policy in Practice’s Benefit Cap White Paper details the approach pioneered by Lewisham Council to help their residents who are impacted by the Benefit Cap, illustrates how the approach is having a real impact on people’s lives, and shares key lessons for other local authorities.

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The right start: How to support early intervention through initial contact with families

The Children’s Society worked with Policy in Practice to produce a ‘how to’ guide to sharing live birth data and principles of a data-sharing agreement which can be adopted and implemented by local authorities.

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Blog Posts

Welfare Reform Christmas Event

Welfare Reform: Reflection and Expectations for 2015

Policy in Practice with the Welfare Reform Club recently hosted a networking event that provided an opportunity to reflect on the events of the last year, and make our predictions for welfare reform as we look to 2015 and beyond.

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Universal Credit: changing the culture of Jobcentre Plus

Advisors in Hammersmith say UC is leading to more positive relationships, greater job satisfaction, and is changing the culture of the Jobcentre Plus.

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Universal Credit set for a nationwide rollout in 2015

It has been announced that the rollout of Universal Credit will be accelerated, but are local organisations ready to support people through the transition?

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Universal Credit: towards an effective poverty reduction strategy

Universal Credit: towards an effective poverty reduction strategy New Report Launched today The report was written by Deven Ghelani and Lisa Stidle of Policy in Practice, and supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The report asserts that people will have to work … Continued

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