Is your post COVID-19 Council Tax Support Scheme sustainable?

On-demand webinar

The £500 million Hardship Fund allows councils to give extra support to help people affected by Coronavirus. Councils are expected to use this welcome funding to reduce the council tax bills of working-age people who are already receiving council tax support, by £150 in 2020/21.

In this webinar, Zoe Charlesworth presented new nationwide analysis on the Hardship Fund allocations and discussed what this means for collection rates. Megan Mclean explored what this means for those who become newly unemployed, as well as CTR support schemes. Finally, Deven Ghelani looked at what councils can do now to proactively support people.

Listen back to hear:

  • How the Hardship Fund and council tax collection rates interact
  • What the future looks like, and how you can plan for future vulnerability
  • How to identify the most vulnerable households in your area so you can target additional support

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