Today, Sunday 10 September 2017, The Observer covers new analysis from Policy in Practice for the Local Government Association in an article by Michael Savage: Two million families face £50-a-week cut in income.

The report featured in the article reveals how a cocktail of welfare cuts, crippling rent rises and looming inflation is making life harder for low income households. Private renters, households with children and households in work are among the hardest hit, with many set to lose over £40 per week, on average, by 2020.

The report identifies four ways in which local and national government can respond to these challenges.

Deven Ghelani, Director of Policy in Practice said:

“A cocktail of welfare cuts, rising rents and looming inflation means that housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable for people, particularly within the private-rented sector.

“The government needs to act now to tackle structural inequalities in the housing market that have been building for decades.”

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What next for post furlough employment support? The widely feared spike in unemployment due to the end of the Job Retention Scheme has not materialised as new research shows that over 86% of furloughed workers moved back into work.

Though reduced, unemployment is still predicted to peak at over 5% this autumn and more than a million job vacancies exist in the economy.

Against this backdrop, we invite guest speakers from different sectors to join our webinar to explore the work that they are doing to help people into employment, and help them to progress once they are there.
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