How to use data to increase people’s income

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Over £10 billion of benefits is unclaimed each year. If there was ever a time to ensure that our most vulnerable households are getting all the support they’re eligible for it is now.

Most councils hold this remit within their core corporate strategy and need a way to support these households as efficiently and effectively as possible using the limited resource and finances they have.

Leading local authorities are analysing their administrative data to identify financial vulnerability amongst their low-income residents, and then using the insights to create proactive targeted benefit uptake campaigns.

Listen back to hear:

  • Household finances now and in the future
  • The challenges and opportunities of boosting people’s income
  • How Folkestone and Hythe DC use data to increase people’s incomes
  • How Rotherham Council increases people’s income and employment opportunities

With guest speakers Nick Harvey, Folkestone and Hythe District Council and Andy Johnson, Rotherham Council

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We noticed that we had a fair amount of Discretionary Housing Payment budget left and we used LIFT to target those who should be eligible for a DHP. In November we had 26 applications for DHP with 22 awarded and in December we had 72 applications and 62 awards. So our numbers reflect that the campaign did have an effect with maximizing people's income.
Nick Harvey,Specialist Training Officer at Folkestone and Hythe
The Better Off Calculator is used as a motivational tool, as what better way is there to show someone how they can improve their situation by entering employment than by seeing that big difference as a financial figure?
Andy Johnson,Employment Support Officer at Rotherham Council
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