How to find the right debt solution for everyone

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In today’s economic climate falling into debt is perilously easy, getting out is hard. Firms in the debt sector have adopted flexible and ethical collection practices to support families who are struggling, yet costs and the time taken to collect have increased.

Whether you’re a collection agency, utility company, advice organisation, local authority or housing association, you’re on the frontline for helping people in debt.

You can boost the financial resilience of households by helping them to increase their income. In this way, you can increase collection rates and social impact, in the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing.

Listen back to this webinar to hear:

  • Our financial resilience before and after Covid-19, and in the future
  • The main challenges facing the collections sector now, and in the future
  • The main challenges facing the lending sector now, and in the future
  • How to help people to build financial resilience

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When you let debt stagnate, it becomes harder to collect. We look at maximising benefit and income for customers to deliver a real wholesale approach to achieve the best outcome for both the creditor and customer.
Carole Kenney,Director, Welfare and Customer Care, CDER Group and President, CIVEA
We want to build the journey in such a way that people can get hold of tools and services to improve their outcome earlier in the cycle, potentially never becoming my customer in the collections department. That, for me, is why I’m excited to being really close to using Policy in Practice’s Better Off Calculator.
Gareth McNabSocial Innovation Lead, Nationwide Building Society
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