How Curo triages support to help
customers onto Universal Credit

On-demand webinar

As one of the first areas to go full-service with Universal Credit, Curo adopted a triage approach to helping their most at-risk customers first. This outward-facing strategy means they spend 80% of their time with 20% of their customers.

In this webinar we look at Curo’s story with Emma Owens, (Acting) Head of Lettings, and hear how this housing provider uses Policy in Practice’s Better Off Calculator to help manage this process and effectively maximise staff time.

Emma tells us how the calculator’s self-serve feature encourages customers who need less help to begin the process independently, allowing staff to focus their support on those customers who need more support.  

Listen back to hear:

    • What is triage and how do we do it?
    • Universal Credit and Curo
    • Key lessons and challenges
    • What Curo’s UC tenants are saying
    • How impactful is triaging support?
    • Software that can help

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Our account manager who uses the benefit calculator the most, had zero evictions on her patch last year and some of the lowest arrears.
Emma Owens,Emma Owens,
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