Data analytics: who’s missing out on benefits in your area?

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DWP recently published updated estimates of the take-up of the main income-related benefits nationally which showed that over £10 billion in benefits is unclaimed.

We’ve built a new benefits take up screen for our LIFT Dashboard to show take up at a local level. In this webinar we were joined by Corin Hammersley who shared how this screen helps Royal Borough of Greenwich to support their families on low incomes. Using a LIFT Dashboard they identified £20 million of unclaimed benefits.

Listen back to hear:

  • What insights you can get from your data using a LIFT Dashboard
  • How these insights can help you proactively identify people on low incomes who are eligible for benefits but who aren’t in receipt of them
  • How you can track the effectiveness of the intervention support you give

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We've had a LIFT Dashboard for a year and it's given us the opportunity to be even more specific with the take up work we're doing and much smarter in using our resources. Now we're targeting people who we're much more confident are likely to be missing out on benefits. In the current climate of having to prioritise resources it's important to show the results we can get and the impact we can make.
Corin Hammersley,Royal Borough of Greenwich
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