Coronavirus: stories from the frontline

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made life tough for people who are scared for their health and their finances. It’s also brought huge pressure to frontline organisations who are there to help.

In this webinar we were joined by Ellie Kershaw, Tower Hamlets and Grant Bailey, Cheltenham Borough Homes to discuss how they are dealing with the current changes, and how the crisis now will affect their residents in the future.

We explored how services may need to change and how organisations can be proactive now to safeguard their residents’ wellbeing.

Listen back to hear:

  • How other organisations are helping people deal with Coronavirus
  • Ideas to consider that can drive a proactive, prevention approach
  • Best practice for dealing with increased demand with limited resources

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You can explain benefit entitlements but people may not fully grasp the numbers. Having the Better Off Calculator as a mechanism to visually explain the breakdown of entitlements using colour coded charts really helps as it’s something people can relate to.
Grant Bailey,Benefit and Money Advice Team Leader, Cheltenham Borough Homes
The LIFT Dashboard enables us to see what is going on within the household, where interventions kick in and what financial impact they've had. We can then track this longitudinally through the household to see which interventions work and which don’t. LIFT also works really well for business cases. We were able to show that our direct intervention with DHPs helped households so much that the cost-benefit to the authority made it worth putting more resources into a new role.
Ellie Kershaw,Tackling Poverty Programme Delivery Manager, LB Tower Hamlets
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