Changing your Council Tax Support Scheme:
what are others doing?

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Using Policy in Practice’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme modelling Luton Borough Council was able to give Members detailed and reliable information about how their residents were being impacted by welfare reform, now and the future. We showed the council what the costs of different council tax support schemes would be which gave Members confidence to make difficult decisions about scheme changes.

Listen back to hear:

  • Background to council tax reduction and trends
  • Luton Borough Council’s scheme with Clive Jones
  • Objectives of CTR schemes and the impact of Universal Credit
  • 4 approaches to modelling CTR schemes
  • Other case studies from local authorities

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The key to modelling any change, and I can't stress this enough, was the Policy in Practice data and the impact on of welfare reform as a whole, and not just our CTR scheme, that gave our Members confidence to go out and suggest the unsuggestable.
Clive Jones,Luton Borough Council
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