Recap of the major benefits changes and Coronavirus

On-demand webinar

As new measures to control Coronavirus (COVID-19) are introduced Policy in Practice’s Head of Policy, Zoe Charlesworth, gave a comprehensive recap of the major changes to the welfare system in this webinar. 

In addition, Louise Murphy shared some of the common questions we’ve received on our Coronavirus support page from people who are worried about their income. She explained the answers we’ve given, highlighting the complexity of what has become a dual welfare system. 

Finally, Peter Carter briefly walked through software tools that help our clients to give the best advice possible to their customers.

Listen back to hear:

  • What benefits people in different situations might get
  • How to get the most support for families and households
  • Common questions people are asking, and our answers
  • What the impact of the 3 main changes mean for households

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