2020: A policy review of the year

On-demand webinar

2020 has brought fundamental changes to our lives, both personally and professionally. As our economy took second place to our health, so the welfare safety net came to the fore to support families who faced an income shock, seemingly overnight.

In this webinar Deven Ghelani, Zoe Charlesworth, Paul Howarth and Duncan Hatfield looked back at the policy response to the seismic shifts in our economy and society wrought by the pandemic. We revisited research findings we uncovered from our analysis for clients across both local and central government. And, as the focus turns to the health of our economy, we look at what 2021 means for people facing redundancy, debt or lower incomes.

Listen back to hear:

  • How well the COVID-19 welfare changes worked, and what should happen next
  • Findings from our research and analysis on important policy changes
  • The outlook for 2021 and how organisations can best support families
  • What this means in 2021 for council tax support schemes, housing and homelessness demand, the outlook for living standards in the context of economic recovery, Universal Credit and Brexit.

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Looking forward to 2021, tackling inequality should be a priority for any government and the social security system is one way to do this.
Deven GhelaniDirector and Founder, Policy in Practice
Our clients have dealt with big logistical challenges coupled with huge increases in demand. They've responded speedily and effectively, often with little notice, and supported many people who are new to the benefit system.
Zoe CharlesworthDirector of Policy and Operations, Policy in Practice
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