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We have recently purchased the discretionary housing payment module from Policy in Practice. We will be expecting our housing and voluntary sector partners to use the calculator when they make the DHP applications. That’s going to really speed up our decision making and be really useful to those partners because they will be able to give people a really good idea of whether they are likely to get something from us. ”
Ellie KershawTower Hamlets Council

Listen to Tower Hamlets Council’s video testimonial

Ellie Kershaw from Tower Hamlets Council explores the challenges the borough has in spending Discretionary Housing Payments funding well. We hear how consistency with local priorities, speed of decision making and understanding effectiveness are key, and how Policy in Practice’s software is helping.

Hear how Tower Hamlets Council use the LIFT Dashboard to tackle poverty

The LIFT Dashboard enables us to see what is going on within the household, where interventions kick in and what financial impact they've had. We can then track this longitudinally through the household to see which interventions work and which don’t. It (LIFT) also works really well for business cases. We were able to show that our direct intervention with DHPs helped households so much that the cost benefit to the authority made it worth putting more resource into a new role.
Ellie KershawTower Hamlets Council

Watch a demo of our LIFT Dashboard

LIFT Platform demo
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