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Northern Ireland Housing Executive maximises resident’s income by an average of £3,870

COVID-19 presented Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s tenants and customers with new and worrying challenges in 2021. The Welfare Unit at NIHE helped their most vulnerable residents by exploring what benefits they may be missing out on, using the Better Off Calculator to maximise income.

Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s good news story of 2021

Our three Financial Inclusion Managers use the Better Off Calculator daily. They have been able to establish additional benefit entitlement for approximately one third of customers referred to them.

A snapshot analysis of extra entitlement generated across June and July 2021 indicated that additional benefit income discovered ranged from £522 per year, to £11,195 per year; with the average sitting at £3,870.

These results are meaningful for tenancy sustainment across the organisation, and also beyond where income maximisation allows a customer to remain in their current tenure rather than becoming homeless.

Alexandra Kapka, Assistant Manager, Welfare Benefits Unit, Northern Ireland Housing Executive

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Residents maximise their income by an average of £
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