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County Councils Campaign

County and district councils share the common goal of building and improving the financial resilience of their residents.

By combining datasets and applying analysis using the Low Income Family Tracker (LIFT) platform, it is possible to identify households that may be struggling financially and missing out on supports such as Pension Credit or the Warm Homes Discount Scheme. 

Districts have the data, knowledge and expertise. County has size and scale. We had to combine the best of us to come up with something that’s going to help many in a positive way.

Zena Cooke, Director of Corporate Finance, Kent County Council

Surrey could see an economic impact of £900,000 in one year
from one Pension Credit take up campaign

Sample data-led campaign

There are approximately 12,510 pension age households eligible for but not claiming Pension Credit in Surrey.

Similar campaigns usually result in a take up of around 33%, which could mean direct financial assistance towards the rising cost of living for 689 pension age households across the county.

Average Pension Credit award p/a


Estimated value of Pension Credit take up p/a


Estimated economic impact in 1 year


Unclaimed Pension Credit (PC) for households in receipt of Housing Benefit (HB)

Local authorityNumber of pension age households claiming HBEst. number of HB claimants eligible for PC and not claimingEst. value of unclaimed PC p/aEst. take up from a data-led PC campaignEst. value of PC take up p/aEst. backdated PC amountEst. passported benefits* p/aEstimated economic impact in 1 year
Elmbridge Borough Council1,59888£237,60029£78,310£17,228£19,113£114,652
Epsom and Ewell Borough Council67037£99,90012£32,833£7,223£8,014£48,070
Guildford Borough Council1,39877£207,90025£68,509£15,072£16,721£100,302
Mole Valley District Council1,08960£162,00020£53,366£11,741£13,025£78,132
Reigate and Banstead Borough Council1,41778£210,60026£69,440£15,277£16,949£101,665
Runnymede Borough Council1,05258£156,60019£51,553£11,342£12,583£75,478
Spelthorne Borough Council1,10661£164,70020£54,200£11,924£13,229£79,352
Surrey Heath Borough Council73140£108,00013£35,823£7,881£8,743£52,447
Tandridge District Council95953£143,10017£46,996£10,339£11,470£68,805
Waverley Borough Council1,49382£221,40027£73,164£16,096£17,858£107,118
Woking Borough Council99755£148,50018£48,858£10,749£11,925£71,532
Surrey Total12,510689£1,860,300227£613,053£134,872£149,630£897,554

*Passported benefits are further financial support which a claimant becomes entitled to through a successful claim for means-tested benefit.

Book a free consultation to learn more about the methodology behind the above calculations or to discuss how you can implement a targeted take up campaign in your area.

Other popular take up campaigns include:
  • Discretionary Housing Payments
  • Free School Meals
  • Council Tax Reduction
  • Smart Council Tax collection
  • Homelessness intervention
  • Severe Disability Premium
  • Employment Support
Kent CC

Case study: Kent county and district councils collaborate with data to tackle poverty

LGC awards finalist

Kent County Council wanted to tackle poverty across the county by identifying and engaging with vulnerable residents they were aware of, and those they weren’t. With datasets stored on separate systems, identifying those in need of support was difficult.

Kent county and district councils collaboratively shared their data to get powerful insights for their poverty prevention activity. A newly created Living Standards Index allows users to track Council Tax support spend across all districts and assess local demand. They can drill down to household level to accurately target support.

Better use of data lead to effective preventative poverty campaigns:

  • £1,232,898 of extra income to Kent residents so far
  • 50 current active campaigns with 25 completed in 2021-22
  • Outcomes showing how county and district councils can work collaboratively with data to benefit residents and reduce future costs to the council

Find out more about creating a Living Standards Index for Surrey

4-6 weeks set up time
11X Return on Investment from 1 campaign
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