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Elite Supported Employment increased participant’s income by over £3,000

Elite Supported Employment works to empower people with disabilities across Wales. The team uses the Better Off Calculator with their participants to ensure they are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to. So far this year, the team has increased the income of their younger participants by an average of £3,090 each.

Elite Supported Employment’s good news story of 2021

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We compete better off in work calculations for all our participants on all the projects we deliver.

Since having the Better Off Calculator we’ve helped 10 young people across our Internship Projects to make a claim for Universal Credit whilst in full time education, due to the fact they have been in receipt of enhanced PIP.

For our participants, this amounts to an average annual increase of £3,090 per year which has made a huge difference to their lives.

Susan Price, Employment Advisor, Elite Supported Employment

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EliteSEA increase their participant's income by an average of £
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Staff at Elite Supported Employment find the Policy in Practice Calculator an excellent tool to provide information to our participants. The calculator is easy to use and the expert calculator breakdown tool makes the results easy to understand. Being able to print off the graph also gives our participants a visual document to refer to. It’s also great to be able to save a case, we can easily find a calculation and make any adjustments if needed, saving the time of completing a new calculation.
Susan Price,Employment Advisor, Elite Support Employment
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