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Tower Hamlets win Excellence in Innovation at this year’s IRRV awards

The Tackling Poverty Programme Team worked to give their most vulnerable residents the best possible support throughout the pandemic. As a result of their valiant efforts they won the Excellence in Innovation (Service Delivery) award from the IRRV this year. A huge achievement for the team.

Tower Hamlets’ good news story of 2021

Our biggest good news story is probably the IRRV award that we won for innovation in service delivery. Not only did much of that innovation come from using the LIFT platform, so did the nomination!

The team delivered a total of 102,359 free school meals, reached over 6,000 households with our pandemic food provision and distributed £3 million of support to households for food and essential household needs.

Ellie Kershaw, Tackling Poverty Programme Manager, Tower Hamlets

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free school meals delivered
households reached
distributed to households in need
LIFT is a great piece of kit which enables us to plan effectively in a short amount of time. But as well as the product being great, so are the staff, always happy to help and to find new ways we can utilise the information to support our most financially vulnerable residents.
Ellie Kershaw,Tackling Poverty Programme Manager, Tower Hamlets
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