UK gov logoPolicy in Practice, the leading provider of social policy software and consulting services, has been selected as a G-Cloud 8 Digital Marketplace supplier.

Its Universal Benefit Calculator and Household Level Policy Impact Assessment services are now available via G-Cloud 8, the government procurement framework used by organisations in the UK public sector to identify and source cloud-based technology and services.

The G-Cloud framework makes it easier for government departments, local authorities, agencies and other public sector organisations to purchase high quality, cloud-based services through the use of pre-agreed pricing, contract, and commercial terms and conditions.

Within the framework, Policy in Practice has listed its Universal Benefit Calculator, an intuitive and engaging tool that streamlines the calculation of benefit entitlement, including Universal Credit. It is outcome-focused, showing people how much better off in work they could be. The UBC is a web-based app which can be used both online and offline.

In addition, Policy in Practice’s Policy Impact Assessment on Household Data is also listed. This service models changes in government policy to a high degree of accuracy on each household within a large dataset (i.e. housing benefit / council tax data, Universal Credit, Family Resources Survey) to tell you which of your residents are affected by current and future tax welfare reforms, and how much.

Deven Ghelani, Founder and CEO of Policy in Practice, said:

“I believe that the welfare system can work more effectively if we make it simple for people and organisations to understand. The welfare system affects 8 million households, yet it’s incredibly complicated and changing all the time.

“Our clients use the households level information our Policy Impact Assessment provides to create better local support programmes, and their residents value our simple, powerful Universal Benefit Calculator because it shows how government policy affects them.

The G-Cloud framework is important to us because it simplifies the procurement process.”

See G-Cloud Buyer’s Guide here

Policy in Practice’s data servers are hosted in the UK, a data protection consideration for many organisations, following the recent referendum result to leave the EU.

Universal Benefit Calculator key features and benefits

  1. Outcome focused: aimed at encouraging people into work
  2. Shows money under current benefit system and Universal Credit side-by-side: built by one of the architects of Universal Credit
  3. Always accurate, comprehensive and reliable: free updates from our flexible and responsive team
  4. Includes built in help, training and live chat support for advisors: they don’t have to be experts in the welfare system
  5. Helps clients manage their spending: via the built in Budgeting Calculator

Policy Impact Assessment key features and benefits

  1. Assess impact of reforms like Universal Credit: understand future impacts to help strategic and operational decision making
  2. Understand the cumulative impact of current and future welfare reforms: direct your support to the most vulnerable households
  3. Factor in Income Tax and Minimum / Living Wage rises: target employment support via indicators (low,medium, high barriers)
  4. Model the impact on each individual household: target support to each individual household
  5. Track changes over time through a live online dashboard: track the income and employment status of households over time
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