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How the housing crisis has deepened the cost of living crisis For most people housing is the highest living cost, yet the ongoing housing crisis in the UK is often overlooked when discussing the current cost of living crisis.

This webinar will explore the policy issues affecting housing affordability for low-income households, examining the scale of the problem as well as what can be done in both the short and long term.

We will highlight important work done by our clients using data to proactively address housing issues.

We will be joined by a leading local authority to discuss a recent project conducted with Policy in Practice that used benefits administration data to identify households in temporary accommodation that could be helped to move into the private rental sector.

Join this webinar to learn:

- How UK housing policy interacts with the cost of living crisis
- How local authorities are using data to proactively tackle housing affordability problems
- Actions you can take now to support your residents dealing with housing issues alongside the cost of living crisis
27/7/202210:30 BST1.3 hours
How to identify and support Just About Managing households using data The government has said it wants to make life easier for the 'squeezed middle' or people who are just about managing. These are the families who are not rich and they are also not those on the lowest incomes. Despite most being in work, they are struggling to meet their cost of living and it is no wonder.

The cost of living hit a 30-year high in February with inflation running at 6.2% and outpacing wage growth. Electricity bills were up nearly 20% in the year to January 2022, and gas bills by 28%, with further rises expected. Private rental prices across the UK went up by 2% in the year to January, the highest rate for five years; in the East Midlands that figure was 3.6%.

We know that one in five UK adults (10.3 million people) have less than £100 in savings, one in ten have no savings at all and more than a quarter have less than £500. Many are one broken appliance away from slipping into debt.

Local authorities want to help families who are struggling now to avoid a crisis down the line yet they have little or no visibility over people who are not already claiming benefits. Now though, analysis of other datasets can be used to get a clearer picture of families who are just about managing.

Join this webinar to learn:

- Who is just about managing now but at risk in the future due to the rising cost of living
- Which datasets can be used to identify families in danger of debt
- How local authorities can target support to avert crisis
21/9/202210:30 BST1.3 hours
Beam & Royal Borough of Greenwich logos

How local authorities can prepare for the end of the eviction ban

Renters have been protected by a ban on evictions during the pandemic but this security is coming to an end putting many at risk of homelessness.

In this webinar Policy in Practice, together with Beam, explores how the pandemic has affected people’s pockets and what this means for people’s housing security. We look at the best practices of leading local authorities who are tackling homelessness and identify effective solutions for others to adopt.

Walsall and CC2i logos

Boost safeguarding through multi-agency data sharing

The responsibility to safeguard vulnerable residents lies with councils and a range of safeguarding partners, but too often vulnerability is identified too late.

Paul Withers, Data Protection Manager, Walsall Council and Jane Hancer, Campaigns Director, CC2i joined us to share learnings from a powerful project, MAST, that links data across adult services, children’s services, public health, the NHS, Police and Fire and Rescue Services.

Folkestone and Rotherham logos

How to use data to increase people’s income

Over £10 billion of benefits is unclaimed each year. In this webinar guest speakers Nick Harvey, Folkestone and Hythe and Andy Johnson, Rotherham Council joined us to share how they are analysing their administrative data to identify financial vulnerability amongst their low-income residents, and then using the insights to create proactive targeted benefit uptake campaigns.

How to predict the demand for your customer-facing services in April 2021

We look at which households were vulnerable before and after the pandemic, and Luton Council shares how data insights are helping them recover from COVID-19.

How councils can recover from COVID-19

We look at which households were vulnerable before and after the pandemic, and Luton Council shares how data insights are helping them recover from COVID-19.

Coronavirus and tackling vulnerability

As new measures to control Coronavirus (COVID-19) are introduced we were joined on this webinar by RedQuadrant to talk about how frontline organisations can identify and support people through this crisis.

The most underclaimed benefits and how to drive take up

In this webinar we showcased innovative work Folkestone and Hythe Council is doing to encourage take-up of pension credit and other underclaimed benefits. We showed how the LIFT Dashboard is used to identify people who may be eligible for extra cash but aren’t claiming, and how the Benefit and Budgeting Calculator has the eligibility for little known benefits built in.

Designing effective data-led local authorities

Mark Fowler, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, shares how the LIFT Dashboard has helped them build a data led approach to deliver the highest quality, people-centred services for their residents.

Haringey Council Logo

Designing effective data-led intervention campaigns

Margaret Gallagher, Linda Morris and Emilio Innocenti from Haringey Council tell us how they use data analysis and their LIFT Dashboard to run targeted intervention campaigns to encourage take-up of backdated Pension Credit claims.

Tower Hamlets logo

How to target your Discretionary Housing Payments well

Ellie Kershaw from Tower Hamlets Council explores the challenges the borough has in spending Discretionary Housing Payments funding well. We hear how consistency with local priorities, speed of decision making and understanding effectiveness are key, and how Policy in Practice’s software is helping.

Croydon Council logo

How Croydon Council is using data to deliver better outcomes

Julia Pitt, Director of Gateway and Welfare at Croydon Council, joined us to discuss how Croydon’s early intervention and prevention approach to helping families affected by welfare reforms and how the LIFT dashboard has supported the work of their award-winning Gateway programme.

Children's Commissioner logo for Policy in Practice Case Study

Using data analytics to understand child vulnerability

Haroon Chowdry, Head of Analysis, Children’s Commissioner’s Office, joined us to discuss the crucial information that benefits data can give about family context, and how this can help with early identification of vulnerability. We shared findings from analysis we did for the CCO on the impact that welfare reforms will have on levels of child vulnerability.

Data analytics: Who’s missing out on benefits in your area?

Listen back to this webinar to hear guest speaker Corin Hammersley, Royal Borough of Greenwich, explain how they identified £20 million of unclaimed benefits for residents using a Policy in Practice LIFT Dashboard.

Use your data effectively to identify and prevent vulnerability

Following our summer Leading Lights Network event at the House of Lords with Lord Bird, founder of the Big Issue, we continue the conversation about how to prevent households from falling in to crisis. Listen back to hear frontline stories of creative uses of public data that tackle vulnerability early, and in a proven sustainable way. With Chris Parker, Newcastle City Council.

Proactively tackle homelessness

Hear about our work to proactively tackle homelessness using local predictors, developed with household data. With Claire Horton, Newcastle City Council.

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Track the living standards of low income households

Listen back to hear how we track living standards and visualise drivers of poverty with our LIFT dashboard. With Chris Buckman, Exeter City Council.

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