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Money Advisors boost customer income by almost £3 million

Two money advisors at Rooftop Housing Group have secured an incredible increase in income of £2.8 million for 1,100 customers. The team used its social media channels to engage and encourage people to get a benefits MOT from them, and used Policy in Practice’s Better Off Calculator to help people in the right way. 

Rooftop Housing Group’s good news story from 2020

“We have a team of two money advisors at Rooftop Housing Group – myself, Beverley Hiden, and Naomi Inman. So far this year we have successfully supported 1,100 customers to gain a total yearly increase in income of £2.8 million. We have seen a huge increase in cases this year with more people claiming benefits for the first time and existing claimants needing further support. We know that people are still underclaiming and perhaps don’t realise they can get Universal Credit, help with their council tax and other benefits.

We have run all of our cases through the Better Off Calculator with great success. This has helped us to secure a huge amount of extra income for our residents to help through this incredibly difficult year. We are proud to have a good working relationship with partners such as armed forces charities and local foodbanks which has helped to provide this smooth and efficient running of the service for our customers.

Beverley Hiden, Money Advisor, Rooftop Housing Group

“The webinars run by Policy in Practice have been extremely useful during the pandemic. The guidance and information is always precise, detailed and highly informative. There are often issues highlighted that had not occurred to me. This has helped me to be proactive and forward thinking in my organisation. We have purchased the Better Off Calculator and are promoting it to our customers. This is going to be useful to our customers and will also enable them to make claims independently.

Beverley Hiden, Money Advisor, Rooftop Housing Group

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