See the LIFT platform in action

View a short demo of how local authorities combine their datasets with our policy engine to make better decisions

In this short demo of the LIFT Platform, we look at how councils can identify residents who are financially vulnerable; how they can proactively target support to them and how they can track their journey over time.

View the demo to see how councils identify:

  • people affected by changes to Universal Credit and the benefit cap
  • households that have been made newly vulnerable by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • households that don’t have any financial resilience
  • trends that bring households to this place
  • benefit and support take up

The demo also shows how councils can reach out to individual households identified by LIFT and, using our Better Off Calculator, a personal review of the family’s income and expenditure can uncover ways to boost financial resilience.

Identify vulnerability

Proactively target support

Track progress over time

Features of the LIFT Platform

Administrative datasets can yield powerful insights that give a fuller picture, and help drive change. LIFT allows local authorities to combine their datasets with our policy engine to make better decisions.

You can see how individual households are impacted by policy changes, now and in the future. Use the information to identify the most vulnerable families, target support to them, and track the change.

  • Online, interactive, cloud based dashboard
  • Ability to export data into MS Excel
  • Quarterly refreshed data
  • Scope for tailored development
  • Ability to set different access levels for specific groups
  • Training and support

Functions of the LIFT Platform

Inspirational stories from clients using
the LIFT Platform

Haringey logo

Data analytics using the LIFT platform allows Haringey Council to identify vulnerable residents, target relevant support and track changes in living standards. The corporate board identified that people, culture and processes can be a barrier to the wider use of data.

LIFT helped Haringey Council to improve the financial resilience of carers. It also helped the council by tackling both the data challenge, and the people, processes and culture challenge that Haringey and many other councils face. The financial return was over £560,000 to residents and over £162,000 to the council.

Each household helped by the campaign was better off by almost £37,000 in total, or £7,534 per year for five years.

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