How to maximise unclaimed Pension Credit take up

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As the cost of living crisis continues and further increases in energy costs expected before winter, many pensioners are facing unprecedented financial challenges. Yet money is available that could lessen the financial strain.

DWP estimates that up to one million pensioners, around a third of all those who are eligible, are missing out on unclaimed Pension Credit. This equates to £1.7 billion of benefits that could be worth around £3,300 for an individual pensioner household.

Alongside DWP’s nationwide summer Pension Credit awareness campaign local authorities are running proactive, highly targeted Pension Credit awareness take up campaigns, and achieving great results.

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  • Why a focus on tackling pensioner poverty is now needed
  • The value of unclaimed Pension Credit and number of households not claiming, by local authority area
  • How Islington Council has boosted the incomes of pensioners in its area

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Abigail Everett
The cost of living crisis is more likely to impact pensioners as they spend a greater proportion of their income on heating and food than working age households. These are the items increasing in price the quickest.
Abigail Everett,Policy and Data Analyst, Policy in Practice
Some of our residents assumed that because they received a state pension that was all they were entitled to. We came across some people who were living on just £70 or £80 state pension a week.
Sarah Gamble,Income Maximisation Officer, Islington Council
Terrin Mathew
It’s encouraging to hear how data has been used to target support to residents in the pension credit campaigns run by Islington.
Terrin Mathew,Technical Data Analyst, Policy in Practice
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