How housing providers can boost the income of tenants

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One in three households have lost income because of Covid-19 and over 7 million UK adults are behind on their household bills. The drop in the nation’s financial resilience, together with the end of the eviction ban, means that housing providers are braced for higher demand for support.

Yet we know that over £10 billion of benefits are unclaimed by working-age households each year.

In this webinar we will showcase the work of two housing providers who have each secured millions of pounds worth of increases in income for their tenants, boosting their financial resilience and improving their quality of life.

Listen back to hear about:

  • The nation’s financial resilience
  • How our housing provider clients successfully engaged with tenants during the pandemic and boosted incomes
  • What the future looks like
  • Software that can help

With guest speakers Beverley Hiden Money and Benefits Advisor at Rooftop Housing and Darren Thomas, Housing/Welfare Team Leader at Grwp Cynefin.

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The Better Off Calculator has enabled us to carry out over 4,000 benefit calculations. The 'what if' scenarios in the calculator enable us to have a conversation with someone where we can model the 'in work' and 'out of work' scenarios. It gives our tenants some certainty when they go back into the world of work, move into a new sector or take up employment in another town.
Darren ThomasHousing/Welfare Team leader, Grwp Cynefin
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We really encourage our new customers to use the Better Off Calculator to help them be independent and find out what benefits they're entitled to. It's been a big help to our staff, our housing team and our domestic abuse teams in particular, to double-check the advice they are giving to people.
Beverley HidenMoney and Benefits Advisor, Rooftop Housing
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