How councils are using data to build
the best localities model

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Building an efficient and effective poverty cost avoidance strategy is essential against the backdrop of the current cost of living crisis.

Previous forecasting analysis shows that the increase in household costs and energy bills, without the Energy Rebate and the freeze of the LHA, are likely to outweigh the increases to benefits and the National Living Wage from April 2023. On average 1 in 10 households on the lowest incomes will not have enough money to cover essential costs like food, water, and clothing.

In this webinar we discussed how councils can help their residents using administrative data to build their best localities model.

Our guest speaker Randal Smith from Redbridge Council shared an inspiring case study of building a localities model in Redbridge Council.

Listen back to learn about
  • Latest analysis on how the cost of living crisis is affecting low income families and what this means for councils
  • The cost of unclaimed benefits
  • Case study: building a localities model in Redbridge Council
  • A look at how to use data to inform decision making

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Tylor Maria Johnson
A low income household is expected to be £81 per month worse off in April 2023 than they were in February and November 2022. To put this into context, this is only one broken appliance or one extra trip to a pharmacy.
Tylor-Maria Johnson,Senior Policy and Data Analyst, Policy in Practice
Randal Smith
We’re finding people missing out on £500 - £700 per month in benefits that they could claim. If they do that, they’re in a much more sustainable place.
Randal Smith,Head of Anti-Poverty Programme, Redbridge Council
Paul Garlick headshot
If people don't have the money to put food on the table or heat their homes, then they don't have the money to come to the council. With a localities approach it's local services that they trust and they're more likely to come along and start sorting their issues.
Paul Garlick,Strategic Client Services Manager, Policy in Practice
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