How 2022 has set up low income families for 2023

On-demand webinar

In this webinar we review the changes and big issues, from the cost of living and energy crises to the Autumn Statement and the missing million from the labour market.

Through case studies of different types of households we look at what the changes mean for families now, and what 2023 has in store.

We also share the positive impact that organisations we work with are having, and gave practical solutions that others can adopt.

Listen back to learn about

Looking back at 2022

  • The changes and big issues of the year
  • The year for Policy in Practice
  • The year for low-income households: case studies
  • What our clients have done this year

Looking forward to 2023

  • What 2023 holds for low-income households
  • Poll: What do you think will be the biggest challenges for 2023?
  • What organisations can do in 2023 to mitigate
  • Policy change wishlist

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Abigail Everett
People are struggling in ways they haven't before. There's so much uncertainty around heating, eating and buying warm clothes. The work that's been done by our clients highlights that, despite the challenges and uncertainty, there's still a lot that can be done to help people who need it the most.
Abigail Everett,Policy and Data Analyst, Policy in Practice
Jack Rowlands
The thing to look at in the six months from November 2022 to April 2023 is how many people are already in poverty. We've estimated that 30% of single households in April will be in negative budgets prior to the cost of living payment. It's about how we pull those people back out of the difficulties they are in.
Jack Rowlands,Policy and Data Analyst, Policy in Practice
Deven Ghelani, Director
We know some of what's coming in April but we're not sure it's going to be enough. We know energy prices are going up, we don't know if some households are going to get enough support to cover that. That highlights why the front line support that organisations like yours offer is going to be just as important in 2023 as it was last year.
Deven Ghelani,Director and Founder, Policy in Practice
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