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IRRV Welfare Reform and Benefits Seminar – Are We Facing An Impending Disaster?

The IRRV’s annual seminar on Welfare Reform and Benefits addressed the key issues on Welfare Reform and looked in detail at the Government’s proposal for the months and years to come.

Deven Ghelani, CEO and Founder, Policy in Practice, delivered the following session at 10:35 am:

The Reality of the Social Impact of Welfare Reform

What will be the detailed social impact of Welfare Reform? What pressure will be placed on local authorities in delivering their statutory functions particularly in relation to housing and local taxation? How will local authorities continue to maintain these functions whilst facing up to the demands of the Governments austerity programme?

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Download our Welfare Reform Impact Analysis flyer to learn how we created the analysis.

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How data can help you target your Household Support Fund and other discretionary funding Covid-19 has hit low-income households in the UK hard. Universal Credit claimants more than doubled during the past two years, reaching an all-time high of 5.8 million people. As many as 8.9 million jobs were put on furlough and the poorest fifth of households in the UK saw an average fall in earnings of 15%.

To help councils navigate the aftermath of the pandemic the government has introduced a £500 million Household Support Fund, helping vulnerable households to cover their fuel, food and utility bills.

It will be vital for local authorities to use data to identify residents who are struggling or in crisis for targeted support from the Household Support Fund and other discretionary funding.

Sutton Council, like many councils, are using their administrative data creatively to ensure their residents are getting the right support at the right time. They have used insights from their own administrative data to identify and target support to over 500 households, supporting residents with a range of discretionary funding, including DHP and crisis payments, to boost income and sustain tenancies.

Join this webinar to hear:

- How councils can use their data to target their discretionary funding to support vulnerable households before crisis hits
- Sutton Council’s innovative approach to tackling their resident’s Covid-19 income shocks
- How Sutton Council use automated data refreshes to respond to struggling residents more effectively

We will be joined by guest speaker, Julian Clift, Welfare Benefits Advice and Support Manager, Sutton Council.
17/11/202110:30 GMT1.5 hours
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