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Redbridge use data to distribute £1.3 million in Discretionary Housing Payments

Redbridge has seen a large increase in the borough’s population over the past ten years. The Benefit’s team priority has therefore been ensuring that their growing number of residents are as financially resilient as possible. Their work saw them nominated for Benefits/Welfare Reform Team Of The Year at the 2022 IRRV awards.

Redbridge Council’s good news story of 2022

The Policy in Practice LIFT platform is now an integral part of our Service delivery. We have established a cross-year schedule of take up campaigns to identify and target those residents who are most in need of support – be that income maximisation through benefit take-up, free childcare, DHP or HP, support for carers, the disabled, pensioners and working age households.

We have also been able to use the LIFT data to help the Council deliver HSF1 & HSF2 in a more targeted and effective way. By using Ward data, we have been able to site our outreach support, clinics and Cost of Living Marketplace events strategically around the borough to be most impactful. We collaborate with the Council’s employment service, using LIFT data to support residents into employment.

In short, the enhancements to most of our service functions have been born out of LIFT analysis; our relationship with Policy in Practice remains healthy; we benefit greatly from our regular meetings with our Policy in Practice business partner whose experience, knowledge and suggestions are invaluable.

           Christina O’Haire, Head of Benefits, London Borough of Redbridge

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distributed in Discretionary Housing Payments
collected in overpaid Housing Benefit
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