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Four finalists and one win for Folkestone and Hythe at the IRRV 2021 awards

Folkestone and Hythe’s award-winning welfare team has been working throughout the pandemic to identify their residents who need tailored support. Their holistic approach to tackling financial hardship saw them nominated for four awards at this year’s IRRV awards, winning in the training and staff development category.

Folkestone and Hythe District Council’s good news story of 2021

Jane worrell

Our biggest news story of the year has to be being finalists in four categories for the IRRV (Institute or Revenues, Rating and Valuation) performance awards.

  1. Revenues team of the year
  2. Benefits and welfare reform team of the year
  3. Excellence in social inclusion
  4. Excellence in training and staff development

We won in the training and staff development category.

Welfare crosses all these areas and the work we do is supported by our Policy in Practice products. The LIFT platform helps us identify people in debt arrears. It highlights customers who are in receipt of a council tax reduction and also in financial crisis, at risk or struggling, so we can look to help them.

Due to the holistic approach we take with all our customers who look for our help we are excelling in social inclusion and working more and more with external partners.

Off the back of these successes we now train people on welfare, how to run a data led campaign using LIFT, and how to use the Better Off Calculator.

Jane Worrell, Revenues and Benefits Senior Specialist, Folkestone and Hythe

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nominations at this year's IRRV awards
unclaimed benefits identified
Using LIFT, we have already identified 299 cases in fuel, water and food poverty and in crisis, at risk or struggling. We are able to tailor support depending on each individual circumstances and people are pleasantly surprised that we are calling to help.
Jane Worrell,Revenues and Benefits Senior Specialist at Folkestone and Hythe District Council
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