What the latest energy price cap will mean for low income families this winter

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As we continue to navigate 2023’s biting cost of living crisis the energy price cap for the coming winter will be announced on 25 August. Families across the country will then know how far their income will need to stretch to keep the heating on to Christmas and beyond.

Whatever rate the new energy price cap is set to the reality is that most low income households will continue to struggle to pay energy bills that are expected to remain high for the foreseeable future.

With £19 billion of unclaimed benefits available to millions of families now is the time for organisations to act to help people maximise their income through benefit take up so they can afford their energy bills and avoid debt.

In this webinar we will be joined by guest speaker Sharon Gill, EDF Energy, who will talk about the innovative approaches they are taking to help customers, some of whom may be struggling for the first time.

Listen back to hear

  • What changes in the Energy Price Cap mean for families on low incomes against the wider cost of living challenges
  • Details of the second Cost of Living payments, announced today
  • The value of unclaimed energy support
  • The approach that EDF Energy is taking to support vulnerable customers
  • How the Better Off Calculator can help
Guest speaker

Sharon Gill , Customer Relations Manager, EDF Energy

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Tylor Maria Johnson
We found that households on average have been missing out on £300 to £400 a month because they're not taking up all that they're eligible for. About 7% are missing out on over £1,000 per month. If households had all the benefits that they're eligible for, it could mean having enough money to meet their energy bill every month.
Tylor-Maria Johnson,Senior Policy and Data Analyst, Policy in Practice
EDF Energy logo
We are really delighted to be working with Policy in Practice and their benefit calculator because we know a lot of people are struggling that actually don't know what they're entitled to. We have introduced the calculator to really help us understand what else we can do to maximise their income and make a difference.
Sharon Gill,Customer Relations Manager, EDF Energy
Ed McNamara
If your organisation has datasets we can analyse them and tell you roughly how much support and benefits your customers are missing out on by the average amount per customer and the total amount throughout your whole portfolio. We're more than happy to do that analysis for you so please reach out to us.
Ed McNamara,Software Account Manager, Policy in Practice
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