Citizens Advice Wirral helps an older man increase his income by nearly £1,000

Citizens Advice Wirral gives clients up-to-date and relevant benefit advice so they can make more informed decisions. The Help to Claim team helped one elderly gentleman increase his income from 60p a week to £930.44 in a matter of weeks.

Citizens Advice Wirral’s good news story of 2021

We work with Age UK and a client was referred to us for some benefits advice. Our Help to Claim team quickly realised that this person was very vulnerable as he was losing his sight and wasn’t able to use a computer anymore. The team realised he was not safe in his own home, he had no food nor utilities and only 60p in his pocket. 

We needed to get some money to him urgently. 

A claim was made that day for Universal Credit. Our very strong relationship with our local DWP external relations team meant that we were able to get an ID and advance appointment completed on the same day.  We arranged for a food parcel to be delivered as our client had attempted to go to the food bank and fallen on his way home. We also provided a fuel voucher and applied for PIP. Within a week his award was made. 

We continued to help until all his benefits were in payment. We suggested to our client that he ask for an occupational health assessment of his home to make it safer as he was continually falling due to his deteriorating sight.

The gentleman had an increase in his income of £930.44, a huge accomplishment for the team. He told us how much he appreciated our help by saying he was ‘overwhelmed with the help he had received’.  

Julie, Murphy, Technical & Quality (Welfare)/Research & Campaigns Lead, Citizens Advice Wirral

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The Help to Claim team maximise one man's income by £
The Better Off Calculator makes it much quicker to do calculations and the tooltips make it easy to use, meaning we only need to train people once. The simplicity of the calculator means that clients can often self serve with little support.
Sue McCarron,Ask Wirral Services Manager, Citizens Advice Wirral
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