Distribute your support as effectively as
possible to help reduce poverty

We help councils model different options for council tax support
schemes, based on their local priorities.

Impacts of changes to your
Council Tax Support Scheme

The roll out of Universal Credit full service changes both the amount of Council Tax Support households receive, and how much this will cost the council. Councils need to understand the full impact on households in their area, be they winners or losers, to accurately consider scheme changes that support the most vulnerable households, and work alongside Universal Credit.
See how changes you’re considering will affect your scheme costs, arrears and enforcement. Understand the likely impact on vulnerable groups.

Understand costs and impacts of

Your current CTR scheme
Maintaining your current CTR scheme into the future
Other CTR schemes designed to meet your objectives

CTRS modelling

Paul Howarth, Policy Consultant at Policy in Practice, presents analysis, findings and recommendations from our report on Council Tax debt collection and low-income Londoners, commissioned by the Greater London Authority.

The research showed that collection policies could be fairer without an adverse effect on collection rates.
Sara KhanSenior Projects and Policy Officer, Greater London Authority

Council Tax debt collection and low-income Londoners

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has commissioned Policy in Practice to undertake an evaluation of flexible, customer-centric debt collection practices for low-income Londoners. This project focuses on deepening the GLA’s understanding of the business case for council tax collection practices that more effectively support low-income households.

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