Croydon Council helps over 200 homes improve their energy efficiency

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LIFT Platform

The challenge

Croydon Council’s Energy team is made up of few people supporting a number of low-income and fuel-poor Croydon residents. With limited resources, it is challenging to proactively identify residents who would benefit from the support and advice their service offers.

The solution

The LIFT Platform has been at Croydon Council and was already well embedded into their services. It is a platform that helps the council to analyse their own administrative data in order to identify vulnerability, target support and track change over time. It was the perfect solution for the small Energy team at Croydon Council as it was a perfect way to maximise on their data and streamline their services.

The impact

The data insights have helped the team to do their core work of helping low-income residents manage their energy bills and access grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Using the LIFT platform for mailshots has generated over 200 resident self-referrals to the service, allowing advisors to spend more time on providing one-to-one support, rather than outreach work, to identify residents.

During the completed home visits, a total of 1,825 small free energy and water measures have been fitted to the homes, 68 referrals were made to HEAT London and 12 applications made for a Warm Homes Discount.

I manage Croydon Healthy Homes, Croydon Council’s fuel poverty advice service. I have used data from the Low Income Family Tracker software for targeted mailshots of low income and vulnerable residents in the borough. This software has allowed us to easily identify and contact residents who could benefit from support from our service. Being able to access data from the software, has reduced the amount of officer hours needed to identify residents for the service, time we have used to support more low income and vulnerable residents.

Malcolm Bell, Energy Projects Manager, Croydon Council

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LIFT Platform demo

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