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In this short demo of the Better Off Calculator, we look at Samantha, a private tenant who was struggling to pay her rent after a relationship breakdown. She called her local council who were able to give her some really useful advice. Using the Better Off Calculator to carry out a benefits assessment, they were able to boost Samantha’s financial resilience by making sure she was claiming all the support she was eligible for.

Samantha learned she was eligible for a reduction in her council tax, which she had never applied for before. The council could also see that she might be able to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment to help her move to more affordable property.

View the demo video to see how the advisor:

  • loaded Samantha’s case and saved it to the cloud, meaning she only had to answer questions once
  • could see all Samantha’s past situations and interactions with the council
  • used the easy tooltips to tell Samantha of any benefit rules relating to each question
  • availed of the built-in information on council tax and council tax reduction schemes for Samantha’s area

The demo shows just how intuitive the Better Off Calculator is, allowing both the advisor and the client to see how the client could move out of her current tough situation.

View the demo

We have had some incredibly heart-warming stories of successfully moving people into work, helping them to clear debt and encourage them to achieve their goals. The Better Off Calculator has played an instrumental part of this. It was used to show how much better off in work the customer would be, it helped them to face their debt problems and generally helped people to budget for a better future.
Glennis Leathwood,Employment Solutions Team Leader, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
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