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In this short demo of the Better Off Calculatore, we look at Brian. 

Brian had his hours reduced at work, meaning he was struggling to pay his rent for the first time ever. He had no experience of the benefits system, so he visited the landlord’s website and saw all the help available. He filled out a self-assessment, but wanted further support on his particular situation. He called an advisor, who helped him through the claims process. They both created a repayment plan, giving Brian the confidence that he was not going to fall into arrears. 

View the demo video to see how the advisor:

  • loaded Brian’s case and saved it to the cloud, meaning he only had to answer questions once
  • could see all Brian’s past situations and actions with the housing provider
  • used the easy tooltips to tell Brian of any benefit rules relating to each question
  • prioritised a list of benefits, allowing Brian to see what he was eligible for, and the impact that they would have

The demo shows just how intuitive the Better Off Calculator is, allowing both the advisor and the client to see how the client can manage his income to stay in his property.

View the demo

The Better Off Calculator has changed the way we work completely across different teams. We have over 100 staff using it and there now tends to be only one conversation with our customers so it's made it easier for them and it's speeded up processes in a way that we didn't really think would happen.
Nadine BurnsCustomer Support Team Manager, The Guinness Partnership
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