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In today’s economic climate falling into debt is perilously easy, getting out is hard.  

In this short demo of the Better Off Calculator, we see how organisations in the finance sector are using flexible and ethical collection practices to support families and improve their rate of collection.

Customer Micheal filled out the form on the organisation’s website while booking a phone consultation about his repayments. When he called, the agent could get up to date on his situation quickly, creating trust and delivering customer service. The agent was also able to help Michael to maximise his income, which fed into a manageable repayment plan. 

View the demo video to see how the agent:

  • Loaded Michael’s case and saved it to the cloud, meaning he only had to answer questions once
  • Could see all Michael’s past situations and interactions with the organisation
  • Referred to the actions agreed and the deadlines previously set
  • Completed an income and expenditure calculation with Michael, using clear graphics and a printable monthly expenditure map

The demo shows just how intuitive the Better Off Calculator is, allowing both the agent and Micheal to see how he could move forward with his life.

View the demo

I decided Policy in Practice’s Better Off Calculator was something we really needed. It’s enabled us to provide a consistent approach to assessing affordability. We’ve been able to give our customers an online tool which lets them take control of their finances and liaise with us electronically, without the awkwardness or challenge sometimes faced in person.
Carole Kenney,Customer Service & Performance Delivery Director at Phoenix
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